Security, Alarms and Protection Systems for Homes

To prevent tampering and unauthorized entry into the premises by our engineers developed a burglar alarm system in the house.

Installation of the alarm will be an effective means of protection of the property when you leave the house unattended.

Innovative technologies for the protection of housing, makes the cost of the security system for a country house fully justified.


Why choose us?

Installation of the system in 3 hours

Material liability

Full control and protection against burglary, fire, gas leaks and water

Wireless equipment

Want no worries
about your security?

Contact us and get impenetrable protection!

Your safety - our work

4 monitoring center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, watch out for your safety!

More than 1,000 rapid response teams

Convenience control

Support 24/7/365

Signal transmission to the police, ambulance and emergency - 11 seconds

How it works?

When an alarm is signal every second counts!


The control panel immediately sends an alarm signal to the monitoring centers around the clock, “The Guard”.


Specialist duplicate the alarm to the police and rapid response teams “The Guard”, and then notifies the client of a call.


Within 7 minutes Rapid Response Team will arrived to your home!

Download Our Service Brochures

The brochure contains all technical and legal details about bodyguard service and guarantee.